• painted headboard

Simple (un)Painted Headboard

A story of a makeover party and a bedroom styling hack A few months ago, a good friend, Reut, decided to throw a renovation party. I absolutely need to write a complete post about this concept of (un)painted headboard, but shortly - she invited some friends on Saturday morning to drink some wine, eat [...]

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  • kids room decor on a budget

How to Decorate Children’s Rooms at a Low Budget

Inexpensive Kids Bedroom Ideas Every design-loving parent knows the dilemma. On the one hand, stores and Instagram pages are full of intriguing ideas for children's rooms. On the other hand, the children grow so fast that the room becomes irrelevant within a few years, even before we talked about the tendency of our tiny [...]

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  • DIY zig zag chevron accent wall

DIY chevron accent wall

How to easily paint an amazing zig zag accent wall 6 hours $20 Materials $15 Equipment Ladder Ruler Spirit level Wall painting kit   Paint Masking tape Pencil Eraser [...]

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  • DIY wall stickers from vinyl wallpaper

DIY stickers Hexagons Wall

DIY wall stickers 6 hours $35 Materials $10 Equipment utility knife metal ruler printer pencil level vinyl wallpaper cardboard My parents have a guest room that they [...]

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