Who am I?

My name is Shuly, nice to meet you!
Here is a bit about me and my story.
When I was a child, maybe 5 years old, I enjoyed playing in my neighborhood streets.
Times were more naive in the 80s and parents allowed kids to play outside unsupervised.
One day, I found a green marker pen on the pavement.
I was so excited, thrilled, and felt the universe sent me a message: “paint everything!”.
I added some color to the cars parking in the street, I drew some decorations on random mailboxes, and I even got to our building staircase and started improving the decor.. Until my mother caught me.
Although she usually highly encouraged my creativity, somehow that day, she got quite angry. How angry? I was sent back to the street with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge to clean the mess I made, ahead of any complaints by neighbors.
Ever since that day, I hate cleaning, but I love to paint.

My love for design and for the urban environment took me on a long journey around the world. I eventually graduated from the Politecnico di Milano and became an architect. I worked in some of the leading architecture studios in Tel Aviv.

After having my fair share in urban design and infrastructure I’m currently focusing on product management, but my passion for colors cannot be quenched.

I established this blog to share my message and to show you the ways you can make all of your design and décor fantasies come true. Even on a budget, there is no compromise on the functional and practical aspects of your living environment – your home.

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