Circle of Style: Why You Need Round Shapes in Your Home

Circle of Style How to Add Round Shapes to Your Home Decor If you got to follow my Instagram, you probably noticed I use round shapes quite a lot in my personal house and in my projects, and the bigger, the better! Round shapes can add visual interest and [...]

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Decorate your home with Aliexpress

Aliexpress Home Decor Haul How to decorate on a tight budget How about Aliexpress home decor and crafts supply haul? Good, during recent years I have bought many Aliexpress home decor products and I would love to share with you the best ones. What [...]

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When Home Styling Has Gone too Far

Over Staged Photoshoots I spend too much time on Instagram. I wouldn't say I'm an addict.. well... Ok... I probably should.Anyway, sinking in the feed, I came across so many exaggerated photoshoots that fill my heart with happiness and joy, so I've decided it's time to share it with [...]

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