• Tornes IKEA hack inexpensive storage

Trones boxes IKEA Hack

Trones boxes IKEA Hack Add some style to the boring plastic shoe drawers. 2 hours $115 Materials $100-250 Equipment Drill Screwdriver Ruler Spirit level Double sided tape Pencils I [...]

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  • ikea hack folding chairs

Gunde + Bjarnum IKEA Hack

Gunde + Bjarnum IKEA Hack How to store folding chairs with style 10 minutes $26 Materials $30 Equipment A drill Screws and screw anchors Two folding chairs Two Bjarnum hooks [...]

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  • IKEA rast tutorial

Rast Ikea Hack

Rast IKEA hack Patterns, Castors, and Pulls 4-6 hours $140 Materials $50-250 Equipment Drill Screw driver Painting kit   Painters tape Wood color Wood glue Glass top Wood boards  [...]

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Ivar Ikea Hack

Ivar IKEA hack On a budget - Cheap furniture makeover 3-5 hours $250 Materials $100-250 Equipment Drill Screw driver Painting kit Spirit level   Painters tape Wood paint [...]

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