• DIY wall stickers from vinyl wallpaper

DIY stickers Hexagons Wall

DIY wall stickers 6 hours $35 Materials $10 Equipment utility knife metal ruler printer pencil level vinyl wallpaper cardboard My parents have a guest room that they [...]

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Geometric Ombre Accent wall

Gradient geometrical accent wall. WOW effect guaranteed! 4-6 hours $20 Materials $15 Equipment Wall painting and preparation kit Plastic container and knife Scissors Colored paint White paint Painters tape [...]

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Paint Pen Accent Wall

Accent wall! Fake wallpaper, with zero cost. 6-13 hours $15 Materials $30 Equipment Ladder Ruler Spirit level Paint pens Pencils Eraser This wall... was probably the longest project I did [...]

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  • masking tape wall pattern

Bamboo Pattern Masking Tape Wall

Easy Peasy fake wallpaper in 5 hours (Including watching the paint dry!) 3-5 hours $20 Materials $15 Equipment Putty knife Wall painting kit Plastic container and knife Scissors Spackle Sanding paper Base paint Final paint Painters tape [...]

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