Circle of Style: Why You Need Round Shapes in Your Home

Circle of Style How to Add Round Shapes to Your Home Decor If you got to follow my Instagram, you probably noticed I use round shapes quite a lot in my personal house and in my projects, and the bigger, the better! Round shapes can add visual interest and [...]

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Simple (un)Painted Headboard

A story of a makeover party and a bedroom styling hack A few months ago, a good friend, Reut, decided to throw a renovation party. I absolutely need to write a complete post about this concept of (un)painted headboard, but shortly - she invited some friends on Saturday morning to drink some wine, eat [...]

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Seven Tips for Energy Saving with Style

Let's do Sustainable Home Styling One of the philosophies that guide me in my different projects is the idea of sustainability. I truly believe that keeping in mind this value can absolutely improve our quality of life, save us money, and help us to minimize our negative impact on our planet. So in this [...]

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Bedside Drawers Makeover

Cheap DIY Furniture Transformation 4 hours $5 Materials $30 Equipment Drill Screwdriver Painting kit Painters tape Wood color Handles Today we are going to learn about how to [...]

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Decorate your home with Aliexpress

Aliexpress Home Decor Haul How to decorate on a tight budget How about Aliexpress home decor and crafts supply haul? Good, during recent years I have bought many Aliexpress home decor products and I would love to share with you the best ones. What [...]

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  • Paper Clutter Hacks

How to Deal with Paper Clutter

Paper free stylish life I've mentioned so many times that the first step of any home styling project is cleaning and decluttering. Style and clutter can't really coexist together. Today I would like to tackle one painful issue for many - how to deal with [...]

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