Over Staged Photoshoots

I spend too much time on Instagram. I wouldn’t say I’m an addict.. well… Ok… I probably should.
Anyway, sinking in the feed, I came across so many exaggerated photoshoots that fill my heart with happiness and joy, so I’ve decided it’s time to share it with you! 
So welcome to my new corner: When Home Styling Has Gone too Far!
The place where I’ll share with you Instagram photos of people who managed to take their home styling and home staging way too far.

By the way, all the profiles mentioned here are beautiful and you really should follow them.

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Do I really need to hang all of those pictures? Really? Oh well, I’ll just grab them here together, and lay them on the wall. Let’s hope that my followers will think that it’s a cool idea and not just me being lazy.

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Let me just take a picture of the bath I’m about to have.

I’ll put here vase with flowers, candle, and maybe also some pictures next to the closest wall… I’ve seen it on Instagram and it’s a real trend!
Oh… I should throw a blanket in. 

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Why should I made my bed in the morning when I can just throw on it some random textil piles and light up some candles? The smoke detector is up and running, it’s all going to be just fine!

As for me, when I’m making up my bed I always put some pillows around it, just for the vibe.

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Which book will I read tonight?

The white man lives in the white house, with white door and a white dining table. He also eats white bread and white eggs with black dots!

That’s all guys.
I hope I put a smile on your face,  even if you are the owners of these Instagram profiles.

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